Dazaq Blue Carbon Renewable Energy Limited is a manufacturing company that produce quality, durability and affordable renewable energy gadgets such as: Batteries, Inverters, Solar panels, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Street Light, Compound Lights and etc.

Our Mission

To standout as manufacturing company to provide everlasting, rugged and cost effective at affordable price for the benefit of the people

Our Vision

Changing the negative impression (of the people) to positive on solar energy;by ensuring every single person have a solar energy.

Our Values

Keeping the standard and quality of our products with economic relevance for the greater height of the company.

We produce a cost free Solar Garden Light

Solar energy reduce the cost of hydro energy consumption, if well calculated or used. Security-wise, our Solar Garden/Compound Light is the best fit for adorable garden or compound use in order to avoid defacing and wiring.

Solar Garden Light (Golden Peach Light)

Dazaq Blue Carbon

Our Services

A last longer and affordable Renewable products with extensive warranty that you can not see anywhere.


We manufacture different category of inverter systems in collaboration with MUST ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD

Solar Panel

We manufacture long lasting complete circuit solar panel


We do manufacture reliable and cost effective batteries.

Solar Street-Light

We manufacture very powerful, & last longing hours solar street light with environmental friendly.

Solar Garden/Compound Lights

Solar Garden/Compound Light is a new technology that comes with automatic day and night switch, designed for the illumination of the compound for security purposes.